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Student Government Association Spring Elections

We are currently recruiting well-qualified students to consider running for Executive Offices and/or for Campus/Center Delegates for the 2015-2016 academic year. Students elected into either an Executive Office or a Delegate position will not only have a prime opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience planning and executing events, networking with SCC departments and community members, and participating in democratic processes; but will receive a 12 credit hour scholarship renewable for the spring semester pending fall requirements are met. If you know of a student that would be a well-qualified candidate for either of these positions, please encourage them to apply. The petitions for each type of office are attached:

Exec Office Petition for Candidacy.doc
Petition for Campus-Center Delegate.doc
Duties for Exec Officers and Eligibility.doc

Executive Offices Available

Vice President

**Requirements for candidates for Executive Office: Student must be enrolled full-time at SCC and maintain permanent residence in Kentucky; must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Descriptions of Executive Offices are attached to this e-mail.

Delegate Positions Available

Casey Center Delegate
Clinton Center Delegate
Laurel Campus Delegate
McCreary Center Delegate
Russell Center Delegate
Somerset Campus Delegate

**Requirements for candidates for Delegate Positions: Student must be enrolled at least half-time at SCC during the spring semester of which elections take place AND must be enrolled full-time for the following fall semester and maintain permanent residence in Kentucky; must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Delegates are responsible for executing a specific number of events at their location each semester and are required to attend scheduled, monthly SGA meetings located on Somerset Campus.

Important Dates

April 7: Deadline for students to apply! Please send your completed application to Stephanie Likins at or to Tracy Casada at

April 16: Election for Executive Offices

April 29 30: Election for Delegate Positions

Please feel free to e-mail Stephanie Likins with any specific questions regarding SGA elections. We look forward to another great year for the Student Government Association and we appreciate your support!