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Somerset Community College and the University of Kentucky College of Engineering Sign Agreement

SCC + UK Eng sign MOASomerset Community College (SCC) and the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Engineering officially entered a Memorandum of Agreement Wednesday to partner together to benefit community college students interested in pursuing a degree in engineering at UK. The agreement allows for students to complete their Associate in Science degree, with a focus on pre-engineering, at SCC and be granted automatic admission into the engineering program at UK if all requirements are met.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our college to partner with the University of Kentucky to benefit students, said SCC President and CEO Dr. Jo Marshall. Our students will know they have a place and can be part of something great. We are excited to have this agreement. It shows that we trust each other and we are both willing to work together for the good of our students.

The agreement means that students enrolled in the Associate in Science focused in pre-engineering at SCC will meet all the necessary requirements to transfer to the University of Kentucky College of Engineering for the Bachelor of Science in biosystems, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, materials, mechanical and mining engineering. Students should plan to spend two years at SCC and two years at UK, depending on the number of hours taken per semester.

The Memorandum of Agreement was made official by the signing of Dr. Marshall and Dr. Thomas Lester, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering.

It makes economic sense to educate our students close to their home for the first two years, said Dr. Lester. And SCC students come to us prepared for the program. This college is one of the most important transfer routes for us and will become more so through this agreement. I look forward to many years of collaboration with SCC.

The agreement has been forming for several years, but started to take shape through the leadership of SCCs Associate Dean for Mathematics and Natural Science Dr. Clint Hayes, Professor of Mathematics Kathy Lewis, Professor of Physics Billy Dobbs and several others. The group worked with Dr. G.T. Lineberry, UK College of Engineering associate dean, and developed guides that students can follow to complete all their required pre-engineering and general education requirements at SCC. Once complete, the students graduate with an Associate in Science degree and can be granted automatic admission into the UK engineering programs if GPA and admission requirements are met.

Kentucky is short on engineers, said Sharon Whitehead, Dean of Arts and Sciences at SCC. We want Kentucky to be more in line with the national average in terms of the number of engineers we produce. This agreement will benefit both schools, our communities, our students and the future of our state.

Shown above: SCC President and CEO Dr. Jo Marshall is shown front with UK College of Engineering Dean Dr. Thomas Lester after signing a Memorandum of Agreement between the two schools. Behind them are individuals who worked on the agreement as well as members of the community Engineering Advisory Committee. From left: Nick Tomlinson, associate professor in industrial maintenance; Gail Stringer, professor of mathematics; Billy Dobbs, associate professor of physics; Tony Armstrong, professor of mathematics; Kathy Lewis, professor of mathematics; Eric Wooldridge, associate professor in computer aided drafting; Neleta Jeffries Clarkson, retired SCC math instructor; Alesa Johnson, Workforce Solutions program facilitator, Joe Cox, retired design engineer, David Beattie, engineer, Dr. G.T. Lineberry, UK College of Engineering associate dean and Dr. Clint Hayes, associate dean of Math and Natural Sciences at SCC.