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SCC's Project BEAM now Enrolling new Farm/Migrant Workers as Students

BEAM studentsSomerset Community College Project BEAM, a program aimed at assisting adults in completing their GED (Certificate of High School Equivalency) and entering college, is currently accepting new participants.

Project BEAM is administered through a grant to Somerset Community College by the Office of Migrant Education, U.S. Department of Education. To be eligible for Project BEAM, students must be considered either out of school youth (age 16-19) or be over the age of 19. They must need to earn a GED, have worked on a farm or had a spouse or parents who worked on a farm in the last two years. Instruction is available in English and Spanish.

Qualified students can receive payment for instructional time and assistance with GED testing fees. Project BEAM also provides free books and study materials along with one-on-one tutoring for students.

In 2014, the GED test will be changing and the cost to take the test will increase. In January, 2014, the test will cost $120 and will be given via computer, requiring typing skills. The present required knowledge in mathematics, reading skills and comprehensive writing will also increase.

Project BEAM is a grant program that assists students with preparation for the GED exam. The program pays eligible students $5 per hour, provides books and instructors for all GED subjects and pays the initial testing fee. The program also aids students with applying and enrolling in college.

There are seven locations for Project BEAM. To find out more, contact the Project Beam location nearest you.

Adair County
(270) 384-1741

Casey County
(606) 787-4732

Clinton County
(606) 387-3236, ext. 3728

McCreary County
(606) 376-3430

Pulaski County
(606) 451-6865
(606) 451-6913
(606) 451-6872

Russell County
(270) 866-8836

Wayne County
(606) 340-0064