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SCC will host an evening with Allan Githuka

Somerset Community College has the privilege of having the Ruth Hunt Wood Foundation Visiting Kenyan Artist in Residence for the University of Kentucky on the Somerset Campus October 10-14. The public is invited to an evening presentation on October 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the Meece Auditorium of Meece Hall. Allan Githuka will speak about his journey as an artist from the famous Ngecha area of Nairobi. Examples of his work will also be shown.

Allan Githuka grew up the only son of a family of seven living in the outskirts of Nairobi city. He had to assume the role head of household at a very young age to help his single mother raise his five sisters.

Living below the poverty line, they struggled and there was no time for any sort of training to further his dream to become an artist. Allan had to work as a casual laborer and take on any odd job to help bring some food on the table. In the little free time he had, he expressed his thoughts and the world around him in his colorful drawings. He joined a group of likeminded young men, all poor, and all with more talent and imagination than they could possibly hope to ever use to realize their dreams. They called themselves the Ngecha group, after a small village near Nairobi where they managed to rent a shack to meet and exchange their work and idealistic ideas.

Years later, the Ngecha group came to the attention of a couple of curious art lovers. One of them was Iris Hunt who was in the process of setting up her own gallery.

With much help and encouragement, Allan has progressed tremendously as an artist letting his spirit and imagination run free. While the Ngecha group has become well known and produced a number of accomplished artists, they continue to invite new young talented people to join their group.

Githuka is a self-taught artist. He commented that he enjoys "expressing beauty... in expressionist form, mostly landscapes, rural scenes and day to day life." He has produced some of his most powerful works during the post-election violence.

An Evening with Allan Githuka is sponsored by the Ruth Hunt Wood Foundation, SCC Office of Cultural Diversity and the SCC Art Department. For more information about Allan Githuka, contact Darlene Libbey at
(606) 451-6811 or

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