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SCC to Premier "Spirits" Film on September 15

Local attorney Bruce Singleton appears in the upcoming premier of Spirits at Somerset Community College.

On Saturday, September 15 at 7:30 p.m., Somerset Community College Theatres Digital Video Productions will present the premiere of its original film entitled Spirits. The film will be shown on the big screen in SCCs Stoner Little Theatre. There is no admission fee to attend.

Spirits consists of four short stories that trace a journey toward understanding.

The first short story is written by former SCC student Ashley Rose Sullivan and is entitled Roots. An off-beat relationship has developed between a young girl named Penelope and a reclusive composer named Arthur. Arthur is delighted by Penelope but is strangely drawn to the muses that tie him to his creations.

The role of Penelope is played by SCC Theatre major Emily Singleton, of Casey County. Singleton has appeared on stage in SCC productions of School for Scandal, The Go-Betweens and SCCs annual Sketches! She also played a principle role in SCCs last film project, A Liars Swag.

Mark Isham, SCC psychology instructor, will take the role of Arthur. Isham has a varied background in theatre including playing the role of Professor Harold Hill in A Music Man. He also directed a Readers Theatre production of Frankenstein last season on SCCs London campus. Spirits is Ishams first performance for SCC Theatre.

Others to perform in Roots include Leann Perlowski, Cam Harris and Shavana Morgan.

The Visit
The second story of the film is entitled The Visit. A young man by the name of Ivan is suffering from an illness that causes him to have difficulties differentiating fantasy from reality. As a result, a strange visitor to his apartment seems to keep getting the upper hand.

The role of Ivan is played by Matthew Shackelford, an SCC graduate. Shackelford has appeared in SCC productions School for Scandal, The Go-Betweens, Sketches and played the role of Clyde in the SCC film project A Liars Swag.

Critley King, former SCC Theatre major, will play the role of Ivans love interest, Catherine. King has appeared in many SCC Theatre productions including the role of Mrs. Candour in School for Scandal.

The role of the mysterious stranger is played by Bruce Singleton. Singleton has appeared in many SCC theatre productions and is best remembered for the role of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. He has also appeared in SCC films Nancy Barrys Big Case and A Liars Swag.

The Struggle
The third story, entitled The Struggle, follows the travails of a man named Jake as he struggles to right the wrongs of his past. SCC library specialist, Aaron Whitehead plays the role of Jake. Whitehead obtained his BFA in theatre from Northern Kentucky University where he acted in and directed many productions. His most recent appearance on the SCC stage was in last seasons productions of The Go-Betweens and Sketches!

The role of Jakes skeptical uncle Mel is played by SCC stage and screen veteran Shane Morgan. Morgan was last seen in SCCs production of The Go-Betweens and the new SCC YouTube series, Summerfalls.

The role of Jakes wife, Rachel, is played by newcomer, Whitney Morrow. Other roles are played by Jeremy Boggs, Josh Jones and Ryan Stogsdill.

The final story is entitled, Angels. A young woman tries to counsel a child who lost her mother and must face her own internal conflicts as a result. The role of the counselor is played by SCC graduate, Mary Volpi. Volpi first appeared in the role of Lady Teazel in SCCs production of School for Scandal. She was also seen in The Go-Betweens and Sketches!

Newcomer Katie Burlew will play the role of Ariel, a child who reveals wisdom through her own struggle.