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SCC to Offer New, Cutting-Edge Technology Degree in Informatics

Degree offered in conjunction with Northern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University to obtain bachelors degree

Somerset Community College (SCC) will be offering a new degree when studies resume in August. The Business Administration Systems Informatics path of study will enable students to expand their knowledge of information technology, preparing them to enter the marketplace with the competitive edge they will need to capture top jobs and start their careers in information-based organizations.

On the edge of a digital revolution, the world of business is relying more and more on technology for business processing, problem solving and project management. Job titles such as app developer, market research data miner, educational or admission consultant, social media manager or cloud computing manager, which werent even around ten years ago, are now common in the job market. New technology will eradicate some jobs, change others and create new categories of employment, which is where informatics, also referred to as big data, comes into play.

At some point, every facet of our lives will be affected by big data, said SCC Associate Dean of Business and Professional Services Lois McWhorter. There are some areas where big data is already making an impact today and the SCC Informatics degree will provide students with a business administration core that includes marketing, management, accounting and economics, making them valuable resources for all businesses.
According to Associate Professor of Computer Information Gary Cunningham, an Associates Degree in Business Administration Systems - Informatics will give graduates the technical, analytical, business and systems knowledge needed to successfully integrate computer technology into business operations and administrative tasks. These skills are becoming vitally important in business, government institutions, educational organizations, healthcare facilities and other information-based organizations.

SCCs informatics focuses on the broad information systems aspect of business theory and practice. Students in the Business Administration Systems Informatics program will develop skills in the following:
Automating business processes such as project management and workflow analysis
Managing information functions such as software analysis and design and databases
Quantitative analysis and decision making such as developing dashboards and business intelligence

Systems careers, such as business analysts, are projected to be some of the fastest-growing careers through 2018. As businesses become more and more dependent upon the use of data to predict consumer behavior and improve the customer service experience, these vital jobs will grow in popularity and demand.
SCC is the first community college in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System to offer this new degree. The degree was developed in partnership with Northern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University and both WKU and NKU are partnering with SCC for a transfer program that will allow students to complete their four year degree from either college via online course delivery or ITV courses.

To learn more about this cutting-edge degree, or to enroll, contact Gary Cunningham at (606) 451-6682 or by email at Download Informatics flier here.