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SCC Theatre Production of SKETCHES April 13 + 14!

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From left: Greg Moore, J. J. Bowling, Critley King, Jennifer Edens of Pulaski County star in Sketches!
From left Emily Singleton, of Casey County, and Aaron Whitehead, of Pulaski County, rehearse for the upcoming SCC Theatre production of Sketches!
Rehearsals are now underway for SCC Theatres spring production of Sketches! The production will be performed in SCCs Stoner Little Theatre on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14 at 8 p.m. Tickets will go on sale on April 2 and are $4 when purchased in advance or $6 at the door.

Sketches! has become an annual event at Somerset Community College, says SCC director of theatre Steve Cleberg. An evening of short, off-beat sketches seems to work well for our performers and our audience.

Rather than the traditional play production from a single playwright, Sketches! presents an evening of short plays by an array of authors.

We select sketches that are submitted to us from around the world, Cleberg continues. The evening is intended to be original but mostly a lot of fun.

Among the short plays in the evening will be one entitled One of the Great Ones by Chris Widney. Widneys sketch is an absurd romp that is set in the New York City Library. A young executive on a scavenger hunt learns the extremes that the old hands at the famous library will go to in order to find the proper information. The cast of the opening short of the evening is made up of Critley King, Greg Moore, Jennifer Edens and J.j. Bowling.

The second short of the evening involves a young man who is confronted with a stronger commitment from his date than he is willing to accept for a goodnight kiss in the short sketch Just a Kiss by Robin Pond. Matthew Shackelford will play the unsuspecting young man and Mary Volpi will take the role of his demanding date.

The third sketch takes place in a psychics parlor and involves a young woman who requires the Madames powers to help her solve a hilarious problem. In the sketch No Longer a Maiden by Tami Canaday, Alaina Hall will play the role of Madame Saboon and Erica Phelps will portray the seeking young socialite, Darla.

The evening will conclude with a one act play entitled Sorry by Timothy Mason. In this short play, a young woman has taken in a young man who she mistook for a robber and inadvertently shot. The action develops comically when they try to remedy the situation. As the situation develops, however, there are some surprising revelations that cause the young couple to take a compelling look at each other. Emily Singleton will play the role of the young woman, Pat. The role of her unwitting victim will be taken by Aaron Whitehead.

For further information regarding Sketches! contact Sherry Crabtree at SCCs box office at (606) 451-6766 or via email at