SCC Student Newspaper Captures 12 Awards at 2012 KIPA Contest | SCC

SCC Student Newspaper Captures 12 Awards at 2012 KIPA Contest

Winners of the 2011 Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association (KIPA) contest were announced Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington.

Bridge cover
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SCCs student newspaper, The Bridge, did well again this year capturing 12 awardsincluding two for first placein nine categories. Competing against SCC for awards were Transylvania University, Morehead State University, Kentucky State University, Asbury College, Lindsey Wilson College, Georgetown College, and Northern Kentucky University. Papers published in 2011 were judged.

Student editors for 2011 were Critley King, spring semester; and Matt Attaway, fall semester. Attaway is the current editor of the publication.

Faculty advisors for the paper in 2011 were Jeff Harris, Stuart Simpson and Erin Stephens. Graphic design advisor is Sean Marcum.

Quick look at all SCC winners

Jennifer Godbey
First Place: Advertising Art
First Place: Advertising Design
Third Place: Advertising Copy
Third Place: Feature Photo
Third Place: Student Created Art

Matt Attaway
Second Place: Advertising Copy
Third Place: Feature Story
Honorable Mention: Advertising Design
Honorable Mention: Commentary

Kaitlyn Mullins
Second Place: Personality Profile

Crystal Passmore
Second Place: News Story

Athena Bowling
Second Place: Commentary

Winners with Judges comments

Advertising Art

First PlaceJennifer Godbey
Comments: Literally looks good enough to eat! Thats the point, right? Great idea.

Advertising Copy

Second PlaceMatt Attaway
Comments: The copy is easy to read, but I think it would be noticed more if the address was at the bottom and the message was at the top of the ad.

Third PlaceJennifer Godbey
Comments: Who doesnt like an old fashion deli sandwich? Great ad!

Advertising Design

First PlaceJennifer Godbey
Comments: Love this ad! Great photo makes the ad stand out on the page.

Honorable MentionMatt Attaway
Comments: The message could stand to be just a little larger.

Student Created Art

Third PlaceJennifer Godbey
Comments: Fun art. Nice effects and use of color.

Feature Story

Third PlaceMatt Attaway
Comments: This story presents a great way to take a huge national issue and make it local, and to do so in a timely manner. This type of story could have been at any time, but coming off the Tucson shootings provided a local response to something that was in the national media.

Personality Profile

Second PlaceKaitlyn Mullins
Comments: A tightly focused profile that strings the instructors love of booksfrom her childhood to her cluttered officethroughout. While personality profiles often round out a persons life, this example of keeping it narrowly honed to one general topic works as well, especially because the writer packs a lot of information around the notion of the subjects love of books.

News Story

Second PlaceCrystal Passmore
Comments: The reporter took what might be considered a ho-hum topic and produced a solid story with good details and by quoting officials and students. Loved the annoying quote. Would have preferred to see the information about the expected completion date higher in the story. Also, what is the price tag for the project, and whos paying for it?


Second PlaceAthena Bowling
Comments: Some sympathy for the last brutal moments of the Libyan dictators life was something many people likely felt, despite themselves. The writer had the courage and skill to explain it. Thought-provoking.

Honorable MentionMatt Attaway
Comments: Growing old in the Internet age blends a news item about gaming-research with an account of his passion and then diminished interested in gaming. It makes an interesting read.

Feature Photo

Third PlaceJennifer Godbey
Comments: Great point of view and nice job getting their faces in the shot along with showing the environment which is key to illustrate the story.