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SCC Reader's Theatre presents evening of comedies

The Somerset Community College Readers Theatre Company invites you to attend an evening of gentle comedies on Friday, September 24 at 8:00 p.m. in Stoner Little Theatre on the Somerset Campus. Admission is free.

The evening begins with Danna Calls Ive Hit an Iceberg. A woman is stunned when the head of lettuce shes about to make into a salad asks her a question. Confused and worried, she calls an analysis-loving friend to help her find out what is going on. Is she crazy or is the lettuce trying to tell her something? SCC student Critley King plays the lady who is stunned when her dinner questions her and Felice Parish has the role of the friend helping her sort it all out. Kimberly Greene is the narrator for the evening.

Next up is Chocolate by Frederick Stroppel. Mrs. Colbys husband is missing and a police detective has dropped by to investigate a possible murder and question a suspect who has some very creative explanations for what seems to be obvious clues. Kathy Patscheck plays the cheerful housewife with the missing husband and John Alexander is the detective determined to get to the bottom of it all.

The evening concludes with Exodus from McDonaldland by Jason Milligan. A salesman is trying to sell a living room suite to newlyweds but things get off-track when the salesman comes up against the husbands fanatical devotion to his job at McDonalds. Zach McQueary plays Tyler, an obsessed McDonalds employee. SCC student, Alaina Hall, portrays Tylers wife, Becky, who wants her husband to realize there is more to life than McDonalds. Chris Hughes plays Blake, the salesman caught in the middle of the battle.

SCC student Hannah Halcomb is the light and sound board operator for the production. The Readers Theatre Company is directed by Sherry Crabtree. For further information, email or call the SCC Box Office at (606) 451-6766.