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SCC Film wins Honors at Pennsylvania Film Festival

Above (left to right): Tonya Brown, Chris Harris, Mark Isham, Caitlyn Wheeler and Joyce Ard (lower right) experience a tense moment during the ceremony.
Above: Alyssa Burrows plays a young girl who prepares for her marriage ceremony in A Simple Arrangement.
Above: Zeke Turner plays the young man whose simple honesty puts the two families at odds.
A film directed by Somerset Community Colleges Theatre Coordinator Steve Cleberg was honored at the ninth annual Roslyn Film Festival outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The film, entitled A Simple Arrangement, was one of six films selected for viewing and the only from Kentucky. Four films were from local filmmakers in the greater Philadelphia area and the other was from California.

After the event, which was held March 28, festival-goers were given an opportunity to vote for their favorite film. SCCs film was awarded second place.

As a visiting film company, it was very gratifying to have our film receive enough votes to place second, said Cleberg. The most rewarding moment of the evening, however, was when the festival audience not only applauded when the credits rolled at the end of A Simple Arrangement but they literally cheered. My only regret was that all of the individuals who were credited on the screen werent present to experience this overwhelming response.

A Simple Arrangement is among many SCC films to gain selection into prominent film festivals. It is the first to receive an award on the competitive festival circuit. Two years ago, SCCs film, A Liars Swag, was nominated for best short film at the World Independent Film Festival.

A Simple Arrangement tells the story of an arranged marriage that meets with unexpected and often humorous obstacles. It features Chris Harris, Mark Isham, Caitlyn Wheeler, Tonya Brown, Zeke Turner, Alyssa Burrows and Joyce Ard. David Daring, Dana Floro, Sherry Crabtree, Kay Goodin, Nichole Richardson and Tonya Marcum assisted in the production.

SCC Theatre is currently in preproduction with a new film entitled The Compassion Clock. This film is slated to be screened at this years local Autumn Shorts Film Festival in September.