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SCC Employees Honored for Years of Service

Employees at Somerset Community College were recently recognized for their service during the 2015 Fall Academic Convocation. The event was held August 7 at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset.

2015 5yrs
Above: 5 YEARS: Front row (L to R): Joni Upchurch (Albany), Jennifer Owens (Monticello), Marci Randall (Somerset), Whitney Sandusky (Somerset), Shannon Hickman (Corbin), Patti Routt (Somerset), Craylon Mills (Hustonville), Melissa Chmura (Monticello).
Middle row (L to R): Duke McGowan (Somerset), Debra Elam (London), Michael Barrett (Tyner), Lora Acrey (Somerset), Christy Adams (Somerset), Rebecca Black (Eubank), April Spears (Somerset), Kimberly Greene (Somerset).
Back row (L to R): Scott Stringer (Somerset), Chris Roberts (Somerset), Bruce Nicley (London), Patrick Gaskin (Bronston), Cindy Clouse (Somerset), Michael Bloomingburg (Corbin), Eric Deaton (London), Ricky Harris (Somerset), Jeff McFadden (London), Jahurul Karim (Louisville), Amanda Smith (Bronston).
2015 10yrs
10 YEARS: Front row (L to R): Darlene Libbey (Somerset), Curt Null (Burnside), Terri Flanary (Corbin), Sara Brown (Somerset), Martha Deitz (Somerset), Belinda Gadd (Irvine), Roger Osborne (London), Billie Shelton (Albany), Zhiming Xia (Somerset).
Back row (L to R): Chris Pierce (Science Hill), Ron Meade (Somerset), Steve Hammons (Pine Knot), Cindy Brown (Albany), Mandy Davis (Burnside), Donnie Hammons (London), Tandy Withers (Somerset), Tammy Woodall (Somerset).
2015 15yrs
15 YEARS: Front row (L to R): Roxanne Roberts (London), Jerry Graham (Somerset), Lenora DeBord (Somerset), Kim Rose (Somerset), Butch Tincher (London).
Back row (L to R): John Roberts (London), Stuart Simpson (Burnside), Curtis Cash (Brodhead), Bruce Gover (Somerset), Evetta Thompson (Nancy).
2015 20yrs
20 YEARS: Front row (L to R): Kim Toby (Somerset), Kay Swanner (East Bernstadt), Donna Logan (Corbin), Ruth Martin (Monticello).
Back row (L to R): Rob Spencer (Berea), Ron Smith (Somerset), Valerie Allen (Bethelridge), Johnnie Dick (Nancy), Billy Dobbs (Monticello).
2015 25yrs
25 YEARS: (L to R): Ken Jacques (Bronston), Wanda Fries (Somerset), Richard Krause (Somerset), Ron Tomlinson (Somerset), Kim Cleberg (Somerset), Greg Fryman (Somerset).
2015 30yrs
30 YEARS: (L to R): Roger Stanton (Eubank), Tim Roy (Somerset), Vicki Conaway (London), Nancy Powell (Somerset).