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SCC 2015-2016 Student Ambassadors

Twenty students have been named as 2015-2016 Somerset Community College (SCC) student ambassadors. These students, who must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average, represent and promote the college at campus and community events. They assist with recruiting efforts, campus tours and provide information about SCC to prospective students, school groups and the general public.

To be selected as a student ambassador, students must not only maintain good grades, but also have a positive attitude, a genuine interest in assisting others, excellent interpersonal communication skills and must project a positive image of the college. Students are required to work 40 hours each semester and receive a scholarship equivalent to six class credit hours per semester.

Students chosen as ambassadors received training in areas such as professional etiquette, leadership, knowledge of SCC, communication skills and customer service.

2015-16 student ambassadorsThe 2015-2016 SCC Ambassadors include:
Amber Ball (Whitley City)
Adriana Benningfield (Monticello)
Braden Bigelow (Somerset)
Cayley Blevins (Somerset)
Cora Beth Carter (Somerset)
Cassandra Casada (Somerset)
Berniece Combs (London)
Alicia Cook (Somerset)
Sarah Correll (Somerset)
Danielle Dalton (Albany)
Chris Dickens (Burkesville)
Holly Estes (Eubank)
Josh Hayes (Russell Springs)
Crystal Johnson (London)
Kelsey Johnson (London)
Carlene Mallory (London)
Parth Patel (Monticello)
Abi Perkins (Monticello)
Kaitlyn Whitaker (Somerset)
Justin Yazza (Somerset)

In photo: Front (left to right): Cayley Blevins, Cora Beth Carter; Second row (left to right): Danielle Dalton, Kaitlyn Whitaker, Holly Estes, Ariana Benningfield; Third row (left to right): Berniece Combs, Cassandra Casada, Amber Ball, Kelsey Johnson, Alicia Cook, Abi Perkins, Sarah Correll, Crystal Johnson; Back (left to right): Braden Bigelow, Josh Hayes, Parth Patel, Chris Dickens, Justin Yazza; Not pictured: Carlene Mallory