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Fall 2011 Bookstore Financial Aid information


Each student wanting to use the Barnes and Noble Bookstore will be required to shift through a designated area and be "cleared" for purchases. This procedure will expedite the bookstore line and decrease the need for students being returned to Financial Aid, etc to stand in another line.

You will be given a "verified" card if you are clear to purchase/charge at the bookstore. If there is a problem, we will help you rectify your individual situation.

Somerset Students: You will enter the Rogers Student Commons and begin your process in the Community Room. Please enter the building from the flag pole entrance.

London Students: Please follow signage for the bookstore entrance to Building 2. You will proceed to the formed line of students to continue.


If purchasing books in person, the charge dates are August 8 - August 23. You do not need a paper voucher to charge books IF you have a Financial Aid Release (FAR) form on file and your aid is complete. You can check your self service at www.somerset.kctcs.edu to view awards, schedule, and bill for tuition. If your aid amount is larger than your tuition amount AND you have a FAR on file, you are eligible to charge books. You will have to have an official copy of your schedule and a photo ID (such as a drivers license).

If you don't want to wait in the long line to charge books, you may order your books online at http://kctcs.bncollege.com/.

If you have already ordered your books online, they may be picked up around the corner from the Community Room in Somerset and the first door past the Bamp;N bookstore in London. You will need to have ID when picking up your box of texts.

If WIA is paying a portion of your books, please see Loretta Johnson for a book voucher. If you are picking your books up on the London campus, tell them you are in the WIA program, otherwise the charges will be taken out of your financial aid. (Loretta is located in the Financial Aid suite at the Somerset North Campus.) If you are in the WIA program, make sure your FAFSA is complete and you have turned in all paperwork if you were picked for verification. An incomplete financial aid file will result in cancellation of all WIA benefits.

NOTE: If the bookstore is temporarily out of your book, please ask a bookseller about lock in sales. This will allow you to charge the book to your financial aid even though the book may come in after bookstore charge dates.


If you have attempted more than 90 credit hours for an associate degree or more than 60 hrs for a diploma, then you are required to have a degree audit completed each term. For a degree audit, ONLY required courses are approved. If you take classes that are not required, then they will not be approved for financial aid to pay. Your degree audit must be complete before bookstore charges can occur. The Financial Aid Office has attempted to submit a degree audit for all required students. However, this is a manual process. Please ensure you have registered by August 2nd to allow plenty of time for processing.


In order to be eligible for Financial Aid for the Fall 2011 term, you must either be a MEETS, Probation 1 or Probation 2 on SAP. If you are SUSPENDED, you need to do an appeal. The appeal can be found at Appeal SAP Request.pdf. Bookstore charges CANNOT occur if you are suspended from aid. Please note that if an appeal is required, you will not be able to charge books until your appeal has been submitted and ruled upon. SAP APPEALS need to be turned in by close of business no later than August 1st.


You can check your self service for the aid available to you by using http://somerset.kctcs.edu/Admissions/PeopleSoft_Student_Self_Service_Account. Remember all aid is figured at FULL TIME until classes are locked on the Friday of the first week of classes. You may also view your tuition charges at the same link. Aid minus tuition equals eligibility at the bookstore.

EBills have been sent to all students. Tuition is due on Friday, August 19th!

If you are in the WIA program, make sure your FAFSA is complete and you have turned in all paperwork if you were picked for verification. An incomplete financial aid file will result in cancellation of all WIA benefits.


Aid is scheduled to hit your KCTCS debit card on Thursday (after noon), September 22, 2011. If you are receiving a check, please allow a couple of more days for delivery.