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Faculty members at SCC receive CPR training

Somerset Community College faculty on the Laurel Campus South recently received CPR training from Linda Lawson, Coordinator of Community Education/Community Services.

To better meet the needs of the students at SCC, some of the faculty members felt that it was necessary to learn the basics in CPR and First Aid. Some of the skills covered in their one day training were how to stop a bleed; how to help a choking victim; proper application of a splint; how to recognize and help someone who is diabetic; and what to do in case of hypothermia. All faculty members that participated in the training received a two year certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

Since 2010, SCC Workforce Solutions has offered American Heart Association (AHA) CPR courses. The CPR Training Center is available on the SCC Laurel Campus North with qualified instructors who offer the courses in a live classroom setting or an online version. You not only have the option to take a portion of your course online, but you can now choose to learn at your own pace and from the convenience of your own computer. This is a real timesaver for healthcare providers and employees of business and industry who have a busy schedule.

For more information about the CPR Training Center, contact Linda Lawson, at or 606-878-4727.