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Changes to Financial Aid for SCC students

KCTCS has established transformation initiatives to better serve our students. Financial Aid is included in these new initiatives.

One change involving Financial Aid is the implementation of a PRIORITY DEADLINE. In order to be guaranteed* completion of a students Financial Aid file and to ensure that they can charge their books at the bookstore all verification documentation MUST be in NO LATER than November 30th. Any student who has not turned in ALL required documentation by this deadline cannot be guaranteed protection from cancellation and should see the business office in order to set up a payment plan in order to cover their tuition.

Required Documentation will include:

Verification Worksheet

Student taxes (also spouse or parents taxes if applicable/requested)

Financial Aid Release (FAR) form

Any other documentation requested by Financial Aid

To find out if your chosen, simply visit your Student Self-Service To-Do List:

If you are chosen for verification and you wish to mail your documentation, it can be sent to:

100 University Dr.
London, KY 40741

To fax, send to:


Remember, you can also drop off your documentation to ANY campus or center and we will forward it for you!

The Financial Aid staff will gladly assist any student with the completion of their application and will guide them through the process. We have computers available at all campuses and centers.

* Not to exceed amount of student eligibility.