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50-Year Old Time Capsule Opened at Somerset Community College

As reported byAngela Reighard,WYMT-TV news:


time capsule opening
WYMT reporter Angela Reighard is shown filming as the time capsule was removed from behind the walls of Somerset Community College, placed there in 1965 when the College first opened. Larry Abbott, chief operations officer at SCC, is handing the box to Edna Jackson, who was a student at the time and is now the Barnes and Noble bookstore manager on campus.
SOMERSET, Ky. (WYMT) - For 50 years, something special was hidden behind a wall at Somerset Community College. With a little effort, a piece of history was revealed: a time capsule from 1965.

Edna Jackson graduated from the college in 1967. She helped place the time capsule all those years ago.

"We did it just so we would have memories later on," Jackson said. "Little did we know we would be around 50 years to open it."

Newspapers, graduation programs, and a Bible were among the items in the capsule.

"It tells the story about Somerset Community College," Cindy Clouse said. "It tells about how small we were then and where we are now."

The Class of 2015 decided to carry on the tradition placing something special inside the box.

"We put in a brochure that tells about the student ambassador program. So in case 50 years later if the program no longer exists, they will know what the program is for and what we did," Student Ambassador Cayley Blevins said.

The new time capsule will soon be placed behind the wall. It will not to be opened until 2065.