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SCC Student Feature: Nicole Disney takes leadership roles in stride as a non-traditional student

Published on Aug 29, 2017

nicole disneyIn typical Disney fashion, SCC student Nicole Disney is making things happen at Somerset Community College (SCC). Disney, a Chicago-born girl with a straightforward approach to getting things done, is currently serving as the SCC Student Government Association (SGA) president and as secretary for the college’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), an honor society for two-year colleges. She also sits on the colleges’ Board of Directors.

Disney, whose husband Garrett is indeed a distant nephew of the famous Walt Disney, attended a four-year college after she graduated from high school, but soon discovered she was unsure of what she wanted to do for her career. She moved to Lexington in 2012 to live with her aunt, and a year later met her husband. The two soon relocated to London to help care for Garrett Disney's parents.

During her transition, Disney worked odd jobs, including everything from a gas station to sales to jobs through a temporary employment agency. Soon after landing in London, though, she decided it was time to resume college work. At that point, Disney enrolled at SCC.

“You don’t need a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree to do good things,” Disney said. “I realized that you have to start somewhere and this is where I chose to really begin.”

Disney is enrolled in the Medical Office Management program at SCC and plans to graduate in 2018. In addition to her leadership roles in student organizations, she serves as an assistant in the SCC Learning Commons at Laurel..

On returning to college, Disney, now 30, said, “The hardest step is the first one. After that, you realize that SCC is a great place to learn and grow.”

“At SCC, I never felt lost,” Disney said. “I’ve become more outgoing, I feel more secure in myself and my decisions and I feel like I’ve gotten into the rhythm of college life pretty quickly.”

Disney and other SCC students are committed to working together to better the campus community. As part of Phi Theta Kappa, Disney has been working on planning the upcoming “SomerHarvest: A Farm to Table Celebration.” The event is being put on by PTK and the Somerset Junior Woman's Club and will be held in downtown Somerset on September 7.

In terms of advice for college students, Disney said, “Find a plan of study that interests you and will make you successful. I tried to get a degree in something I thought would lead to a financially stable career but never considered if I liked that career, and it was awful. This time around, I chose a degree that I am interested in and will still give me a good career. Now, I actually enjoy my classes and am doing much better academically. Let’s just say, I never made the Dean's list when I went to college the first time.”

For more information on student life activities on SCC’s campus, or about the SomerHarvest event, contact Disney at