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SCC Provost Dr. Honeycutt Announces Retirement

Photo of Dr. Honeycutt outsideAfter nearly 15 years of service to Somerset Community College (SCC), Dr. Tony Honeycutt, provost at the college, recently announced his retirement.

"There is never an ideal time for these transitions," said Dr. Honeycutt. "But I feel like it's time for a change. There are always things going on that need attention but there are other people who are capable of doing the job and they will bring different ideas and strategies to the college. I love SCC and will miss the companionship of the faculty and staff, as well as the interaction I've had with our students as they travel their educational journey."Honeycutt is a product of a community college, earning his Associate of Arts degree from Northeast Mississippi Junior College in 1967. He started as Provost of SCC in 2003. As Provost, he serves as the chief academic and student affairs officer of the college. He is responsible for all student services and all instructional areas of the college including general education, transfer and technical education.

 "Dr. Honeycutt has served our college well," said Dr. Jo Marshall, president and CEO of SCC, who will be retiring in June 2018. "I can assure you that both of our retirements in 2018 are simply a matter of timing. We are both ready to do more things we enjoy with our family and friends."

At SCC, Dr. Honeycutt notably helped the college make advancements in the areas of academic scheduling and improvements in cost efficiency in academic programming.

"Cost is a term that has not been traditionally considered to be a concern in academia," said Dr. Honeycutt. "However, with the political and economic climate today, costs are an ever present concern. Scheduling advancements have allowed us to better meet the needs of our student body in a more efficient manner. We have to provide access to educational opportunities for a very diverse student body and we have to do it efficiently. Going to class is not the only activity in which our students are involved. They have jobs, families and other responsibilities that may not align with when and where we have traditionally offered classes. We have adjusted our offerings to better meet the student needs and provided them greater access to the college."

Prior to joining the administration at SCC, Dr. Honeycutt earned his Bachelor of Science, Masters of Education, Educational Administration and Supervision (Ed.S.) and his Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Mississippi. He taught drafting and design technology from 1969 to 1993 at Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) in Moorhead, Mississippi. During his twelve years at MDCC, Dr. Honeycutt served in a variety of administrative positions, finishing his time as the Dean of Career and Workforce Education for MDCC.

While at SCC, Dr. Honeycutt has served as a consultant for education, training and economic development organizations specifically to verify compliance with the Standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' (SACS) Commission on Colleges (COC). He will continue consulting work with colleges and organizations that are engaged in eliminating barriers for students and streamlining academic processes, he said.

Dr. Honeycutt has also been involved in economic and community development, business and industry recruiting, and development of customized educational programs. Since moving to Somerset, he has served as a member of the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Somerset Pulaski County Development Foundation Board of Directors.

In terms of the future of SCC, Dr. Honeycutt said that although all colleges and universities face challenging times due to decreased enrollment and tightened budgets, the fact remains that community college, and college in general, is necessary for community and personal growth.

"The fact is that the key to a higher standard of living for students and their families is education or training above the high school level," said Dr. Honeycutt. "The opportunity for education and training may come through several routes but community colleges are at the forefront of access to these opportunities."

Dr. Marshall said she is happy for Dr. Honeycutt and feels strongly the college is prepared to enter the next academic year posed for growth.

"Dr. Honeycutt has done a terrific job in preparing us for our upcoming SACS accreditation and making changes on the academic side that are student-driven and student-focused," said Dr. Marshall. "We are prepared for the upcoming year and wish Dr. Honeycutt the best retirement has to offer."

Likewise, SCC Faculty Chair and Associate Professor of History Dr. Mike Goleman said, "We will miss Dr. Honeycutt. He provided several years of dedicated leadership to Somerset Community College and the community as a whole. He has always conducted himself with professionalism and courtesy. Despite turbulent times, he has always remained committed to SCC’s mission and the institutional goals to make Somerset Community College the premier provider of higher education in the south central region of Kentucky."

Dr. Honeycutt and his wife Annette, a retired educator, have two children and three granddaughters.

A public retirement reception for Dr. Honeycutt is planned for Friday, January 26 from noon to 1:30 p.m. on the SCC Somerset North Campus, Harold Rogers Student Commons. The public is invited to the reception.