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A Collaborative Approach Returns to SCC Theatre & Film

photo of people in the theatre collaborative
members of theatre collaborative

Somerset Community College’s (SCC) Theatre & Film department is kicking off the new year with a new program that is quickly becoming a community favorite. SCC’s Theatre Collaborative will begin again on January 16, 2018 at 7 p.m. The session will be held in SCC's Stoner Little Theatre, located in Stoner Hall on the SCC Somerset North Campus, 808 Monticello Street in Somerset. The sessions are free and open to the community.

“Anyone who wants to become involved in the collaborative process of theatre is welcome,” said SCC Theatre Director Steve Cleberg. “If you haven’t been involved in theatre before, this is your chance to learn what it’s about.”

SCC’s Theatre Collaborative is dedicated to offering educational workshop and hands-on performance opportunities in specific areas of theatre. This year’s sessions will focus on stage directing.

“Even though we will be focusing on the craft of stage directing, the Collaborative will need actors and designers as well,” Cleberg emphasized. “Without varying interests, we can’t stage a play.”

The Collaborative will meet on three Tuesdays in January beginning with a panel discussion on the primary issues in staging for the theatre on January 16. The opening session will feature local theatre directors Ron Kidd, Sommer Schoch and Cleberg sharing recent experiences and plans for future productions. Hands-on projects planned for the subsequent sessions will also be prepared at the first session.   

The second session on Tuesday, January 23 will look at design issues for directors. Participants will have an opportunity to try their hand at staging scenes. Anyone interested in acting will be needed to help with this session.

The final session on January 30 will be continued work on staging scenes and short presentations of the work done.

All sessions are free of charge and open to all in the community. The Collaborative is a part of SCC Theatre’s mission of community outreach.

For further information regarding involvement with SCC Theatre Collaborative, contact SCC Theatre Assistant Sommer Schoch at 451-6766 or by email at


Session 1: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – Panel of Directors: General “how to,” including how to cast, build rehearsal schedules, prep for rehearsal, incorporate production elements. Also, assign short plays in this session. Panel: Steve Cleberg, Sommer Schoch, Ron Kidd.

Session 2: Tuesday January 23, 2018   – Hands on pre-production, including working with designers, working with floor plans, etc.

Session 3: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 – Working with actors, including staging and giving notes.

Start time for all sessions is 7 p.m. Each session will be held in SCC's Stoner Little Theatre, located in Stoner Hall on the SCC Somerset North Campus, 808 Monticello Street in Somerset.