Personnel Directory


ed nazarioNazario, Ed

Associate Professor - Culinary Arts
Division: Business and Professional Services
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office:  Meece Hall - Room 121
Phone: 606 451-6756
Email: ed.nazario@kctcs.edu

New, Nicolenicole new

Coordinator - Ready to Work Program
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office: Meece Building - Room 132
Phone: 606 451-6916
Email: nicole.new@kctcs.edu

bruce nicely

Nicley, Bruce

Information Technology Specialist
Location: Laurel Campus North
Office: Building 2 - Room 120
Phone: 606 878-4745
Email: bruce.nicley@kctcs.edu


Noel, Megan

megan noelInstructor-Cosmetology                                                                  
Division: Business and Professional Services
Location: Somerset Campus South
Phone: 606 451-6794
Email: megan.noel@kctcs.edu

curtis null

Null, Curtis

Assistant Professor - Electronics Technology
Division: Career and Technical
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office: Alton Blakley Building - Rom 114A
Phone: 606 451-6830
Email: george.null@kctcs.ed