Register for Classes

New Students

Once you have been accepted as a student at SCC, you will receive information on new student orientation. First time freshmen must complete an Orientation before registering for Summer/Fall/Spring classes at SCC. After orientation you will be able to work with an advisor who will help you understand which classes you will need to take.

As a first-time student, you will receive one-on-one registration assistance from your advisor. After your initial class registration, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor to complete an academic advising plan which will serve as your guide for completing your educational goal. Once your academic plan is filed, will activate your Student Self-Service registration access. You may contact the Admissions Office at 606-451-6630 or toll free at 877-629-9722 for further assistance in attending SCC.

To find a list of available classes, you are encouraged to use the KCTCS Class Search feature available in your Student Self-Service account. The KCTCS Class Search feature lists classes real-time and displays courses from all sixteen KCTCS colleges.