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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In order to receive a tuition refund a student must officially withdraw within the refund period specified below. Refunds for sessions different from those listed below are prorated according to the session in proportion to the traditional 16-week session. A session is defined as an enrollment period within an academic term. An academic term (fall, spring, or summer) may have a number of sessions running concurrently - 16, 8, or 4 week.

Timeframe for Tuition Refunds

 Session 100%   50%   No Refund 
 16-week  Within 7th day  8th -29th days  After 29th day
 8-week  Within 4th day  5th -15th days  After 15th day
 6-week  Within 3rd day  4th -11th days  After 11th day
 4-week  Within 1st day  2nd -7th days  After 7th day


check markChecklist Item: Activate your Easy Refund/KCTCS Higher One Debit Card!

KCTCS now offers you the option of receiving your financial aid and tuition refunds by direct deposit through the KCTCS Easy Refund Program. Of course you still have the option of having your refund sent to your bank account or receiving a paper check.

The KCTCS Easy Refund Program is in partnership with Higher One, a financial services and payment company focused exclusively on higher education to distribute financial aid and tuition refunds to students. Higher One will offer a OneAccount checking account to each student. The OneAccount is optional and requires no minimum balance, no monthly fee and is FDIC insured.

What you need to do

A KCTCS debit card will be mailed to your current address listed on your student record upon enrolling in at least 3 credit hours (certain restrictions apply). It is important that you make sure your address is current in our Admissions Office. Upon receipt you'll need to activate the card and choose your refund preference following the directions received with the card. Once the card is activated, you will get your refund by your chosen method once the refund is processed by the college. Even if you do not anticipate a refund, DO NOT THROW YOUR CARD is the only card you will receive and you might need it for a future term.

Have additional questions?

For your answers to the most frequently asked questions, read KCTCS Easy Refund FAQ. Visit the KCTCS Debit Card website to learn more.