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Visual Communication

 Advising Plans
Digital Imaging Assistant 
(12 credits)
Digital Production Assistant 
(15 credits)
Digital Photography
(12 credits)
Web Design 
(30 credits)
(30 credits)
Digital Production Artist 
(51 credits)
(60-63 credits)

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Program Advisors

Stuart Simpson, Program Coordinator
(606) 451-6856

Cindy Burton, Assistant Professor
(606) 451-6751
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This program is offered online.

Program Details

vis-com picThe relationship between industry and the personal computer continues to grow stronger each year. As a result, so do the career opportunities available to graduates of the Visual Communication program at Somerset Community College. While positions remain available with commercial printers, newspapers, public relations firms and in screen printing operations; new jobs are being created for those with design experience in digital photography, in-house printing, web page design and other Internet businesses.

The Visual Communication program office is located on SCC’s Somerset Campus south, however access is available at all campuses and centers. The program offers students a full-range of technical classes. Courses include instruction in the history, terminology and theory of printing and graphic communication; as well as hands-on classes for the most widely used and recognized Adobe desktop publishing programs — including Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, and Acrobat.

By combining knowledge learned through textbooks with ample hands-on exercises, students are able to take their ideas and give them form. Students learn how to use the elements of design to manipulate text and combine that text with art for maximum graphic effect. Many people have the natural skills necessary to work in graphics, and the instruction at Somerset Community College’s Visual Communication program helps students define those skills and learn how to translate those talents to the computer.

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Coordinator's Notes

The Visual Communication program at Somerset Community College is a two-year area of study focusing on the print media. Because today’s print technology is completely digital, the study translates easily into use for the web.

As all Visual Communication courses are online, students must have access to the Adobe computer programs being taught: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. 

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