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Meet Pat

portraitMy role at Somerset Community College: I have worked in higher education at Somerset Community College since 1976. Prior to being employed at SCC, I worked for the local Board of Education. Education is the only field I’ve worked in, but I enjoy every day of it.

How long I've worked here: I graduated from Somerset Community College in 1971 with an Associate Degree in Applied Science. When I decided to return to school to earn my Bachelor’s Degree, I enrolled currently at Somerset Community College and Western Kentucky University. I received my second degree from Somerset, the Associate in Arts in 1996, and received by Bachelor of General Studies Degree from Western in the fall of 2000. I have been involved in higher education since 1971 when I first stepped onto the campus of Somerset Community College.

Why I do what I do/My philosophy: I have been fortunate to work with people that have constantly encouraged me to continue my education and move up in the college. I’ve always loved to take classes, but when I received that first degree in 1973 and obtained a full-time job, I was content. Later, when SCC was still under the direction of the University of Kentucky, employees were given an opportunity to take classes free of charge. Even though I was married and had two small children, I decided the time was right to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. While challenging at times, I was determined to earn that degree.

I like our students because/A little more about me: When Somerset Community College hired a new President, Dr. Jo Marshall, in July of 2000, I was employed to serve as her Administrative Assistant. When I received my degree from Western this past fall, Dr. Marshall called me into her office for, what she called, the same conversation she had had with her daughter about her educational endeavors. She told me I was simply too smart to stay in my current position. She talked to me about my interests. I have always loved working with students. Student Personnel Services is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my working career. Dr. Marshall tells me I have a way with students; calming their fears, defusing tempers, and the ability to offer encouragement when needed. Dr. Marshall suggested I fill in for an employee that was off work due to surgery just to see how I liked the field of Student Affairs. I am currently working in the Office of Financial Aid Counseling and I love it. Every day is very full. Not every day is as awarding as others are, but there is nothing that feels better than knowing that you made a difference in a student’s life, even if you play only a small role. I see students and potential students every where I go. It’s nothing to have a student come up to me at the grocery store or mall and ask me about admissions or financial aid. It make me feel good to know that I can give them information that will help them attend college and improve their quality of life. Many of our students are first generation college students. They know so little about continuing their education and appreciate individual attention. I will bend over backwards to help any student with any problem. Sometimes just taking them to another office rather than simply giving directions makes a big difference. I know Student Services in the area I want to be in.

Pat McCoy
Student Personnel Services