Meet George

Meet George MartinezMy role at Somerset Community College: I am a psychology faculty member who teaches many of the psychology courses offered at SCC in person as well as online.

How long I’ve worked here: I have been a full time faculty member since 2005 and served as an adjunct instructor from 1992 until that time.

Why I do what I do:
 I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been blessed with to interact with such a wide range of students at Somerset Community College. It is truly rewarding to play a role in helping students to learn about the field of psychology and gain a better understanding of themselves and others in the process. I just strive to be a positive example for the students I serve.

I also have always appreciated the tremendous array of colleagues, staff members, and administrators here at Somerset Community College. Their knowledge and expertise in their respective areas never cease to amaze me. To be associated with such a group is truly humbling and I am so grateful.

My teaching philosophy:
 I see my role as that of a facilitator to the learning process. I believe that I am responsible for providing the students with an atmosphere that fosters learning. I encourage students to challenge themselves and take their share of the responsibility for the learning process. I strive to pace and lead students through the course in an informative, thoughtful, and strategic manner, in order to increase their likelihood of learning the course material. By helping students feel comfortable in the classroom and capable as adult learners, we are able to collaborate in order to reach the ultimate goal of becoming better problem solvers and critical thinkers.

I like our students because:
 Our students come from such diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each has their own ‘story’ to tell and motivation for being a student at that particular point in time. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play some small part in their becoming the person they are meant to become. It is rewarding to see students come in on their first day and observe how they progress and blossom by the end of their time at Somerset Community College.

A little more about me: I currently serve on the Student Appeals Board and the Diversity Initiatives Team. In addition, I am the Director of the Somerset Community College Governor’s Minority Student College Preparation Program which serves middle school minority students from our local community.

Personally, I am the father of three beautiful daughters, ages 14 (Maria), 11 (Andrea), & 6 (Celina) years of age and husband of a lovely wife (Sonja). I enjoy Bible study, participating in church activities, spending time with family, sports, reading, traveling, teaching, and learning. 
George Martinez
Professor of Psychology