2019 Winter Session | SCC

2019 Winter Session

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Winter Session | December 16, 2019 - January 10, 2020

SCC will offer a Winter Session in 2019-20, with an expanded list of online courses that give students an opportunity to lighten their course load for the following semester or accelerate their path to graduation.

Use your winter break to:

  • Accelerate your studies
  • Catch up on credits
  • Pick up a requirement or fulfill a prerequisite
  • Save money while you are home 

Benefits of a Winter session class:

  • Single course focus
  • Intensive format
  • Same academic excellence as fall/spring semesters
  • Graduate on schedule

Winter session courses are charged per credit and may be included in your spring financial aid package. Contact Student Financial Services for information about billing and payment deadlines.

We hope you'll join us this winter!

Class Schedule

BAS 260 Professional Development and Protocol
2 credit hours | Margaret Childress

BAS 270 Business Employability Seminar
1 credit hour | Margaret Childress

BIO 118 Microbes and Society 
3 credit hours | Kelly Johnson

EMS 275 Seminar Advanced Life Support (ALS)
1 credit hour | Tracey Franklin

ENG 101 Writing I
3 credit hours | Michael Bloomingburg

FYE 100 Strategies for College Success
1 credit hour

HIS 108 History of the US through 1865
3 credit hours | Dana Muse

MAT 71 Foundations of Precalculus
3 credit hours | Debra House

MAT 105 Business Mathematics
3 credit hours | Scott McClendon

MAT 105S Co-req Remediation for Business Math
1 credit hour | Scott McClendon

MAT 141 Liberal Arts Mathematics
3 credit hours | Eric Deaton

MAT 141S Co-req Remediation for Math
1 credit hour | Eric Deaton

MAT 151 Introduction to Applied Statistics
3 credit hours | Roger Osbourne

MAT 151S Core Introduction to Applied Statistics
1 credit hour | Roger Osbourne

OST 105 Intro to Info Systems
3 credit hours | Donna Logan

PSY 110 General Psychology 
3 credit hours | Kelly Barnes

PSY 223 Developmental Psychology 
3 credit hours | Angela Broyles

VCA 120 Digital Photography I
3 credit hours | Cindy Burton