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Financial Aid

Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid! An education here at SCC is an especially good value. Tuition costs are very affordable, especially for residents of Kentucky. In addition, we offer a wide range of financial aid programs.

Ready to get started? Apply for financial aid now, search and apply for scholarships, get answers to frequently asked questions, or contact our Office of Financial Aid for help or more information.

Financial Aid News


The financial aid office is processing aid for the upcoming academic year. You should monitor your KCTCS email account for important information. All financial aid correspondence, including award notifications and missing information requests, will be sent to KCTCS email addresses. To view your financial aid awards, log in to your student self-service. If you have not submitted the 2016-2017 FAFSA, you should do so soon!

Important Verification Priority Dates


Verification Documentation Priority Dates

Fall Term

First weekday in July

Spring Term

First weekday in November

If you were selected for FAFSA Verification you should submit your forms immediately. The completion of the Verification process is not optional and must be completed before any financial aid awards will be offered. The failure to submit verification in a timely manner may delay disbursements and could prevent a student from utilizing bookstore charge dates. 


Information for Students needing a SAP Appeal

Students must submit a SAP Appeal via the link provided in their student self-service account. Students should allow a minimum of two weeks for the committee to review the appeal and render a decision.

Scholarship Opportunities

It is not too late to turn in your Scholarship Application! Visit the scholarship webpage to view scholarship opportunities and fill out the online application. If you are receiving an external scholarship or other financial resource to pay for your education, you must report the award to the Financial Aid Office.

Thinking About Dropping ALL your classes?

Think Again! Did you know that dropping ALL of your classes or failing ALL your classes could mean that the Financial Aid Office may ask you to repay some or all of your financial aid awards? It is a federal requirement! SCC has many resources to help you through the semester. Review the R2T4 webpage before you make that decision!