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Student Referral Promotion

Enroll a friend for fall semester and win big!

refferal promotion

The focus is on NEW students (that is someone who has not attended SCC in the past). Of course, we want all students, but only new students will count for this initiative. We have a list of applicants that have not enrolled, you may request up to 10 names from that list to work or you can find prospects in our community. Contact for that list.
Dual Credit students, although they are new students, are not eligible for this initiative. The recruiting team is also not eligible for the individual or department/unit awards.

Employees and current students are encouraged to make contact and assist a prospect or applicant in joining the SCC family. Employees are credited with enrolling a NEW student when that student has completed the enrollment process through registration. There are no minimum hours nor a specific program/class required by the student. Individuals competing in this contest will provide one of their business cards or a card we have created for this event, to the prospective student. Once on campus, the student will add their name and student ID to the card and place it in a dropbox that will be near the check-in table at each location. If your prospective student is meeting with advising via email, phone, or virtually, the prospective student can email the name of the referring employee or current student along with their name and Student ID# to Only one card/student name for each potential student may be counted. If a potential student presents two or more cards/names, they will be asked to select the single card/name to be counted for this contest.

This initiative will begin on July 16, 2020, and end at 7:00 am, August 17, 2020.

Winners will be determined by tabulating the number of cards/names collected by the recruiting team, verifying the potential students who have registered, and deducting those who have not registered or dropped. The individual and department/unit with the largest number of verified, registered students wins the category. All disputes will be reviewed by the CSAO and President. Their decision is final.

Increase enrollment through the engagement of all employees and current students. This effort is separate from other initiatives being used by SCC for enrollment. The intent is to draw employees and students together to educate the community on SCC opportunities and help new students interested but unsure, to get involved and enroll at the college. Everyone can be involved in the success of the college.


The employee who has the most verified NEW students enrolled, will be awarded $500.00.   


The department/unit that has the highest verified percentage of NEW students enrolled will be awarded a catered dinner. The percentage is calculated based on the total employees/total new students credited by those employees. Employees can only be counted in one department/unit.  

Current Students

The current student who has the most verified NEW students enrolled, will be awarded a 6 credit hour scholarship. 

$1,074 value

NEW students

One NEW student (one each from Somerset and Laurel campuses) from the contest will be selected by random drawing, and will be awarded an SCC swag bag valued at $100.00.

Student Referral Cards