Travel Reimbursement Procedure | SCC

Travel Reimbursement Procedure

Division: Business Services/Business Office
SCC Policy Number:
Issued: June 1, 2018
Approved SCC President/CEO: January 25, 2019
Reference KCTCS Policy: 5.8.1-P Employee Travel Expense and Reimbursement


All reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of travel. No travel arrangements should be made until all approvals are secured.

  1. All travel expenses should be handled as economically as feasible.
  2. All travel reimbursement records and receipts to support the reimbursement claim must be provided and attached electronically in PDF format.
  3. The president may disallow or reduce the amount of a claim that violates the procedures or may require additional written justification for amounts claimed by an employee.
  4. If an employee's point of origin for travel is the employee's residence, mileage shall be paid for the shorter of mileage between the residence and travel destination or work station and travel destination.


A Travel Expense Report is submitted electronically by logging into PeopleSoft Financials, where the employee will go to the Main Menu, click on Expenses, and click on Create Expense Report. A line is required for each expense requested, such as lodging, mileage, tolls, meals, etc. A per diem rate per day is available for in-state and out-of-state meals submitted for reimbursement, and all required attachments must be in PDF format. The Expense report is submitted to the Supervisor for approval, sent to the College Reimbursement Auditor for auditing before being sent to Systems Office Reimbursement Auditor for final review and approval for reimbursement.