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Important Notice

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New Service Available for Students to Check Their Financial Aid Progress

FA Tracker icon

A new service offered through the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center web portal, the Financial Aid Tracker, went live Saturday (2/1). The Financial Aid (FA) Tracker is a visual representation of where a student is in the Financial Aid process and identifies any barriers preventing the student from advancing through the process.

The Financial Aid process is broken down into five distinct phases in which students can fall into: Apply for Financial Aid , Complete To Do List items, Eligibility and Award Review, Review and Act on Your Award, and Disbursement. Within each of these phases there are multiple cases in which students can also fall into. The FA Tracker is able to determine which phase and case the student falls into based on the data being sent from the institution.

Students will be able to access the FA tracker through an icon on SCC's service center web portal, at, or by calling (855)66GO-SCC.