Apply for Graduation

Somerset Community College celebrates its graduates in a commencement ceremony each May at the Center for Rural Development. If you complete your requirements in either the fall, spring or summer semester/term, you are eligible and encouraged to celebrate your accomplishment by participating in the May commencement ceremony.

Applying for a diploma, degree, or certificate:

You must apply for a diploma, degree, or certificate within the designated timeframe. A Graduation Application is available online. This application must be signed by your advisor and be received in the Student Records Office on or before the posted date. The deadline for a May degree is February 1st; August degree is April 1st; and a December degree is September 1st (or the first Monday of the appropriate month, unless it falls on a holiday which will move the deadline to the next day). These dates are published on the college's academic calendar.

How do I apply for graduation?

Confirm the necessary program requirements have been completed by having your advisor sign your completed program checklist.
NOTE: Please contact your advisor and review your academic plan with your advisor to make sure program changes have not occurred during your course of study.

Submit your program checklist and graduation application form to the Student Records office before the deadline.
NOTE: Both of these forms must be signed by your advisor.