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Proctored Exams

The Somerset Community College assessment center provides test proctoring services.

Proctored Exam Information for Students Enrolled in Online Courses

Where would you like to take your exam?

If you want to test in London, you must call (606) 878-4743 or (606) 878-4728 or email to make an appointment.

If you want to test in Somerset, you do not need a specific appointment; you can come in anytime during the hours we are open for testing. Testing will begin any time after 8:30 a.m. EST. Monday- Friday. Students will need to know how much time they are allotted for the exam and complete and submit the exam before 4:00 p.m. EST. Proctored Exams are administered on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that when the College is closed the Assessment Center is also closed.

You will need to know how much time you are allotted for the exam and come early enough to complete and submit the exam at least 30 minutes before we close at 4:30 p.m. EST.

Some instructors require that you report to them a specific time/day. Go ahead and decide what day/time is convenient for you during our testing hours/day and inform your instructor. We do not make specific appointments due to students often needing to reschedule.

A photo ID is required for testing and you must know your instructor’s name. Children are not permitted in the testing center.

You will need to inform your Instructor/College that you want to take the exam at Somerset Community College. Your instructor will need to post the Proctor information on the Point, a secure proctor site for KCTCS.

For non-KCTCS courses, we have a Proctored Exam fee of $25 and it must be paid in full on the first day of testing.

Directions to the SCC Assessment Center in Somerset and Phone number: (606) 451-6850

Turn from HWY 27 at Stop Light #15. Continue straight through the four way stop, this is the Monticello Street and Ford Drive intersection. Continue straight on Ford Drive. Please park in the first parking lot on the right (Meece Strunk Lot). The Assessment Center is located in the Harold D. Strunk Learning Resources Building (The Learning Commons); this is the first building on the right side of the campus.

Directions to the SCC Assessment Center in London and Phone number: (606) 878-4728
Traveling I-75
, take Exit 38, turn on HWY 192 East, travel approximately 2 miles, turn left at light #9A, arrive at Somerset Community College, Laurel North Campus.    Assessment Center is located in second building on left (Building 2, Room 240).

From Somerset, travel East 80 to London, crossing I-75 overpass. Highway East 80 turns into Hal Rogers Parkway. Travel approximately (3) miles, turn right onto HWY 192 West.  Turn right at Light #9A, arrive at Somerset Community College, Laurel North Campus.  Assessment Center is located in second building on left (Building 2, Room 240).

Guidelines for Testing

  • A picture ID is required for identification before taking a test.
  • It important that you know your course number, exam name/number, and instructor's name.
  • No children are permitted in the testing room.
  • All cell phones, pagers, and alarms must be turned off in the testing room.

KCTCS is an equal opportunity employer and education institution.

Proctored Exam Tips

  • If you are not near Somerset or London, you can schedule an exam at a different KCTCS college.
  • Upon arriving at the proctor site, present a picture ID (such as a student ID or current driver's license) for identification; otherwise, you will not be permitted to take the exam.
  • It is the student's responsibility to bring all materials necessary to complete the exam, provided they meet with the instructor's guidelines.
  • There are no costs associated with proctored exams for SCC/KCTCS courses; there is a fee associated with proctoring exams for other colleges and universities.