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Computer and Information Technologies - CIT

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Program Advisor

Advising Plans
A+ Prep (4 credit hours)
Net+ Prep (4 credit hours)
Computer Tech Basic
(11 credit hours)
Security+ Prep (3 credit hours)
Computer Technician
(14 credit hours)
CIT Fundamentals
(23 credit hours)
Web Administration
(27 credit hours) 
Web Programming
(24 credit hours)
(16 credit hours)

Cisco Networking Enhanced
(24-25 credit hours)

Microsoft Network Administrator 
(19 credit hours)
(12 credit hours)
Mobile Apps Development
(18 credit hours)
Digital Forensics 
(20 credit hours)
Informatics Generalist
(9 credit hours)
Informatics Programming
(12-13 credit hours)
Informatics Advanced
(15 credit hours) 
Information Security Track
(60 credit hours)
Internet Technologies Track - Web Administration 
(60 credit hours)
Internet Technologies Track - Web Programming
(60 credit hours)
Network Administration Track - Cisco Network Associate
(60 credit hours)
Network Administration Track - Microsoft Windows Administration 
(60 credit hours)
Programming Track - Information Systems
(60 credit hours)
Programming Track - Software Development 
(60 credit hours)
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Pam Bridgman, Program Coordinator    
(606) 451-6770 

Program Details

This program includes tracks in Internet Technologies, Network Administration, and Programming with a core of courses common to all. The core includes a general education component essential to a collegiate education and a technical component giving students an introduction to information systems, computer applications, program development, system maintenance, networking, security, Internet technologies, database design, and collaborative system development. In addition to core courses, students take specialty courses for their selected track.

Transfer Opportunities

Morehead State University B.S. in Technology Management

Murray State University B.S. in Telecommunications System Management

University of the Cumberlands B.S. In Information Technology

Western Kentucky University B.S. in Computer Information Technology

Western Kentucky University B.S. in Systems Management

Western Kentucky University B.S. in Technology Management

Labor Market Information

CIT Occupation Snapshot (pdf)
CIT Occupation Snapshot (xls)
Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2024
Occupational Outlook Handbook
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AAS Degree Tracks

PromotionInformation Security

PromotionInternet Technologies

PromotionNetwork Administration



PromotionA+ Prep Certificate

PromotionNet+ Prep Certificate

PromotionComputer Tech Basic Certificate

PromotionSecurity+ Prep Certificate

PromotionComputer Technician Certificate

PromotionCIT Fundamentals Certificate

PromotionInformation Security Specialist Certificate

PromotionWeb Programming Certificate

PromotionWeb Administration Certificate 

PromotionCISCO Networking Associate Certificate

PromotionCISCO Networking Enhanced Certificate 

PromotionMicrosoft Network Administrator Certificate

PromotionProgramming Certificate 

PromotionMobile Apps Development Certificate

PromotionDigital Forensics Certificate

PromotionInformatics Generalist Certificate

PromotionInformatics Programming Certificate

PromotionInformatics Advanced Certificate

Students graduating with a degree or certificate in Computer & Information Technologies may only use a course with a grade of “C” or higher (or a “Pass” for Pass/Fail courses) to fulfill a core or option graduation requirement.

The Computer & Information Technologies department does not accept non-Gen Ed courses older than 5 years from returning or transfer students without consent from the local program coordinator. Students may not use one course to fulfill multiple requirements.


Download the Program Overview (pdf).
To find out how to apply, see the Admissions Checklist.



Adjunct Faculty

Pam Bridgman
Program Coordinator
(606) 451-6770
Gary Cunningham
(606) 451-6682
Carol Calcaterra
(606) 305-9396
Ken Jacques
(606) 451-6803
Bruce Gover
(606) 451-6787
Jeremy Sams
Zhiming Xia
(606) 451-6887
Gabriel Hill

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