Meet Trent

portraitMy Role at Somerset Community College: I am one of the Admission Advisors in Enrollment Management. I promote our programs at high schools, career fairs, college fairs and other events. I schedule campus tours and assist with the coordination of Intramural Sports and assist the Student Government Association.

How long I’ve worked here: Since 2002.

Why I do what I do: I enjoy seeing the transformation in student’s lives. I often speak to prospective students who seem scared, insecure and nervous about attending college. When they meet with me and I see the “light bulb” go off in their eyes, I know they are beginning to understand an education is something they can accomplish. After they attend SCC, reach their goals, and move on to other life objectives I then see a confident, secure, and motivated person.

My philosophy: Knowledge + critical thinking = wisdom. I admire and respect people who humbly share their wisdom in hope that those who hear will apply it somehow and begin to share their own wisdom with others.

I like our students because: We have a unique population of students including: adults who have been in the workforce for many years; students who are still in high school or just graduated high school or completed a GED; students who never worked but raised their children and now are pursuing their own personal goals; students who are single parents with full time classes and jobs, and students from various backgrounds and cultures from across the US and other countries – just to name a few!

A little more about me: I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful, bright children (they’re just like their mama!). I am very involved in my church and the continual development of my faith. I love the outdoors! Two of my favorite canoe trips – one on the Cumberland River from Williamsburg to the Cumberland Falls and another trip on the Clear Fork in Tennessee. I have mountain biked trails in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, and Oregon with most of my best mountain biking memories being here in Kentucky – many with my friends at SCC. My favorite caving trip was in Tennessee where we rappelled over 250 feet into a cave and then ascended the rope back out. I have been on many, many other outdoor adventures too but I will save them for those of you who have outdoor adventures to share with me. Last but not least, I am almost half way through a Master’s degree.

Trent Pool 
Admission Advisor