Meet Tina

portraitMy role at Somerset Community College: I work in the admissions/records office where I assist students with applying for college, getting them registered into their classes and processing their transcripts when they have completed their studies at S.C.C. I am also the designated officer for International Students.

How long I’ve worked here: Since 1993

Why I do what I do: In the Student Services Office we assist the student from the first day they apply to the college up until the day they fill out the graduation application. It’s a pleasure to assist each student with their educational endeavors and gives me a great sense of pride when I see them turning in their graduation application and/or transferring on to a four year college.

My Philosophy: If you are going to do a job do it to the best of your ability. I am proud of the students we assist and want to see them succeed so it is my goal to do everything in my power to help them do this.

I like our students because: Living in a small community means that many of our students are friends or family which makes the whole process even more rewarding. I also enjoy the opportunity of making new acquaintances and assisting these students along their educational path. I also work with our International students, this can be a challenge at times, but is also very gratifying when they are able to enrich their lives by completing a program of study in the United States and are able to take this knowledge back home with them.

A little more about me: My father was in the Air Force so my early years were spent traveling and moving from state to state and even overseas. The experiences I gained and the friendships I’ve made could never be replaced but I am very happy to have found Somerset, KY to settle down in and call home. I am also the proud mother of a beautiful teenage daughter.

Tina Whitaker
Student Affairs Assistant