Meet Paula

portraitMy role at Somerset Community College: For the past eight years, it has been my honor to serve as the Registrar for SCC. Prior to assuming this position, I served eleven years in the colleges’ business office. As the chief records officer for the institution, it is my responsibility to ensure the integrity of the official records of the institution, its faculty and students. Coordinating with admissions, this department provides quality control measures for student transcripts, transfer documents and other verifications to assure the credentials of the graduates of SCC.

How long I’ve worked here:  Since 1992

Why I do what I do: I have great admiration for Somerset Community College and the impact that it has had on the region. It is rewarding to see students change their lives for the better through the education that is provided by our institution. While some might think that dealing with records would be a monotonous, I see it differently. Each record is the DNA of a student’s efforts to gain an education.  The job is a challenge in that change occurs throughout the process. Curriculum changes reflect the educational needs of our society and it is important that the college maintain strict controls to answer the necessary elements of the current and future generations of students. Basically, I enjoy it.

My philosophy: It is simple. Keep it simple and honest. When it comes to a Registrar, others look to the office to be the reliability factor for the college. It certainly does not need to be complicated; rather, it needs to be open and transparent. The records that are kept are the basis on which our graduates will seek their careers and position their and their families’ lives. No hint of impropriety must exist. All students must be treated equally by upholding standards that are clearly defined and understandable by everyone.

I like our students because: As a native of this region of Appalachia, I readily identify with our students. Each person who comes to SCC is a unique individual. No cookie cutter students here. Each student comes with his/her own set of values, needs and aspirations. It is exciting to be a witness of this growth as they move from the awestruck wonder of coming to college all the way to the night of graduation. It is uplifting to know that I am part of their lives in a small way. 

A little more about me: Many may not know that I am a twin. I am one of a set of four sets of twins within two generations in our family. Of course if you met my twin sister, Pam Turner, who works in the Somerset Campus Learning Commons, you might wonder if I was just working two jobs. Actually, if you know Pam, you would know a lot about me. I like to cook scrumptious meals, share in good friends, good parties, and good shopping in Lexington and Louisville and a very good laugh. My collection of horse art in my home may give you a hint that I enjoy a venture to Keeneland each year. Overall, I am a true Kentuckian. I have two sons, and two beautiful granddaughters and many nieces and nephews.  I enjoy reading, yard work, and new adventures.  

Paula Latham