Meet Rhonda

portraitMy role at Somerset Community College: Administrative Assistant for Career and Technical Services, which is the combined Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Agriculture areas.

How long I’ve worked here: August, 2006

Why I do what I do: I love working at SCC and in an educational environment. It’s great to work with instructors for whom I respect and who are dedicated to their programs. Serving on various committees and working on projects with members from other departments has enriched my experience and helped me appreciate how multi-faceted the college is.

My philosophy: If you like what you’re doing, show it. If you don’t, do the best you can to improve it. Co-operativeness creates a more constructive atmosphere.

I like our students because: Our students are interesting because they come from different backgrounds and age groups with different career aspirations. It’s neat to see the enthusiasm of high school graduates when they’re halfway through their program. I see a lot of non-traditional students return apprehensively after being out of school for a long time, and how encouraged they are when they realize what they can achieve.

A little more about me: After graduating from SCC with an Associate in Applied Science, I then earned a BBA from Eastern Kentucky University and worked for the same company for 21 years until they closed. I enjoy walking, hiking with friends, reading, and family time with my husband, Don, and sons, Macy and Elliot. I’m a member of Southside Church of Christ where I teach Children’s Bible Class.

Rhonda Bloomer
Administrative Assistant