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As a power lineman you’re a member of an elite work force. You’re given unique opportunities that others can only envy.  You have an office with a view, the ultimate view.  Your ceiling is the sky, and your walls - there are no walls.  The work of a lineman can be physically demanding and mentally rewarding.  At times, it can seem routine.  At others, your heart races and adrenaline flows as you face challenging and sometimes dangerous conditions.  As a lineman you are seen in many different lights; a common man, a cowboy, a rescuer, and at times a bona fide hero.  If you want a job, look somewhere else.  If you want an adventurous career that reaps huge physical, mental, and financial rewards, the life of a power lineman is for you. 

Before I started this program, I worked for a cellular store as a sales rep.  Out of high school, I have done a lot of odd jobs, you know, construction, pressure washing, detailing, just a million different things.  Finally found something that I’m interested in.  I found out about the program through a couple of my buddies that were signed up through it, um, read up on it, you know, done all the research, and  really thought that it would  be something I would like to do for the rest of my life.  Um, I love being outside and that’s what this job is. Once I started line work, the people, the people that I work with, were very impressed with what the program had taught me .You know, there’s, I guess, you know before this class started they were  hiring people off the street and they seen that they didn’t know anything about it and this class really gets you prepared, it gives you a general idea, and then puts you above what the, you know, what normal people just off the streets know.  It’s um, a great opportunity.

The Lineman Tech Training Center at Somerset Community College will not only prepare you for the unique life of a lineman, it will help you find work in the field and become a member of a close lifelong brotherhood. 

I registered, and got called, and said I had been admitted to the first phase and the first class and I found out a lot.  One is the three instructors here at Somerset, at the lineman school, have over eighty years experience between the three of them.  I seen the facilities that, that we were going to train at out in the pole yard and I knew that it was going to be very hands on.  I seen the material that we were going to get to use  is actual what is used in every day line work, and, and I knew it was going to be a real beneficial educational experience that I was, I was going to be doing what line crews are actually doing.  Uh, once I got out of, out of the lineman school here my skills that I learned helped a whole lot.  Material especially, uh, from basic hand tools and use to the genetics of three phase line and single phase line and when I done my interview with the company that I work for now, they were, they were impressed and they were pleased when they asked, you know, what’s your knowledge, and what do you know about line work, and when I explained to them what I had learned here at Somerset they were impressed.  They were pleased that I had learned so much going through this school, and they said, well, we feel like you’re going to be a good asset to the company, you’re gonna make a good lineman, and we’re eager to have you on.

These young men here have got so many more resources available to them.  They can climb more poles in eight weeks then I got to climb in two to three years when I worked for the electric company starting out.  They have so much more material, easier to work with, hand lines, uh you name it.  And, uh, there’s resources available to these kids as far as to getting into school and all.  It is nice.  I really like the opportunities they have here.  I wish I had them when I was young, I sure do.  Uh, it would have helped me so much to advance quicker.  Uh, kids that come out of this school have heard that they are a year ahead or a year and a half ahead of anybody that comes from off the street, and that is just eight weeks of training.

The Lineman Tech Training Center leads you from apprenticeship to full scale line worker in a four phase training program with each phase lasting eight weeks.  You’re taught proven techniques that make you a valuable asset to the industry.  With many of our students hired as apprentices after phase one or two. 

During phase one training you’ll learn CPR, first aid, safety training, equipment usage, basic pole climbing, basic rescue, CDL certification requirements, and other fundamental skills. 

Phase two teaches more specialized instruction in over head line construction, hydraulic tool operation, live line work, and other important principles of dealing with electricity.  In phases three and four you’ll receive advanced skills training enhancing your lessons from phases one and two, and enhance field work techniques. 

The men, employees that we have had come through the program come to us with a good understanding of safety which is our number one priority of the work of the things that go on around the work being climbing the poles, running the bucket truck, running the line truck, and once they come out there its more fulfilling for them, because they don’t have to struggle as much with learning the process.  A lot of this stuff is just like a child, a baby learning to walk.  It’s frustrating - you stumble - you fall.  Well, when they come to us they are well grounded in the processes that we do.  So, they’re not as frustrated, they can move forward easier, and not struggle getting into the industry.  As far as anyone out there that is considering this program and this line of work.  It’s an excellent opportunity, it is very fulfilling work, its financially rewarding, and you will bond and build bonds and relations with people that’ll last you the rest of your life.  I would highly recommend the program, we’re having good success with the program, and the employees that we hire from the program.

In no other profession can you be trained more completely in such a short period of time.  In no other profession can you be hired so quickly, sometimes even before your training is complete.  In no other profession can you start at such a high level of pay and virtually double that pay in five years time, and in no other career can you have such a range of experiences.  For all the things that being a lineman is, it’s liberating, allowing you the freedom of working without walls.  It’s rewarding personally, by allowing you to help people when they’re most in need, and financially with high starting pay and rapid increases.  It’s exciting, allowing you to travel and see the country, and each day dealing with an element of danger.  There is one thing that being a lineman is not.  It is not for the tame minded.  Normal work hours only apply when the power is on.  If it is off, it usually means you will be working for long hours in extreme conditions.  At times you’ll need to apply yourself even when your body says stop, but when it is all said and done the rewards for you, your family, and your community will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and pride that you can get nowhere else.  Contact the Lineman Technical Training Center at Somerset Community College today, and see if you have what it takes to be a power lineman.  If you do, and you meet certain requirements, there may also be comprehensive financial aid waiting for you.

Higher Education Begins Here

Somerset Community College

Do you want a challenging, rewarding career? A career with security, pride, and great pay? Line Work is the answer to all of these and more! Our instructors are either currently employed or retired from the electrical industry and are eager to get you started in your new career. Somerset Lineman Training Center has one of the most expansive indoor training facilities and comprehensive curriculum in the nation.

Training at the Lineman Training Center will prepare apprentice-level students for employment in the electrical industry. We accomplish this by using training methods that have proven to be effective in preparing individuals to be highly qualified and successful employees.  WIOA funding is available for qualified individuals. 


The objective of the Lineman Training Program is to provide an opportunity for students to embark on a meaningful and rewarding career in the electrical line work industry.  This is accomplished with the use of proven training methods by instructors with extensive experience in the utility industry.  Upon completion of the class, our students are prepared to enter and be successful in the Line Utility Industry.

You must have your CDL license for employment in the Line industry.  We are delighted to announce that we have upgraded our Lineman Training Program to include CDL training for those who need it.


COURSE SCHEDULE - Approximately every 9 weeks year round.

Students are continuously exposed to the various elements of accident prevention including:

• Safety Rules
• Safety Meetings
• Housekeeping
• Near-miss and accident review discussions
• Proper care, use, and storage of tools and equipment
• Tool and equipment inspections

Students spend approximately 200 hours in the field performing various introductory training activities.  To successfully complete the program, each student must demonstrate that they can perform approximately 80 competencies.  These include:

• Tool and Equipment Operation
• Climbing
• Personal Performance
• Simulated Emergency Storm Restoration
• Rigging
• Underground Distribution
• T&D Construction, Maintenance, and Operation
• Digger and bucket Truck operation


Students spend approximately 80 hours learning various subjects at the introductory level including:

• Rigging
• Electrical Systems
• Basic Electricity
• Career Planning & Strategies
• Personal Protective Grounding
• Transformers
• Material Identification
• Basic Metering
• Substations
• System Operations
• Live-Line Tools
• Maps & Standard


• First Aid
• Climbing
• Bucket Truck Rescue
• Class A CDL
• Pole-Top Rescue
• Flagging Training
• OSHA 10

Requirements to enter the Lineman Training Program:

• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Must have a High School Diploma or GED
• Must be able to pass a DOT Physical and DOT Drug Screen
• Must take the TABE 9 D Test and score at least a 9th grade math and reading level (Can take this at any Adult Education Center)


The career of LINEMAN is restricted, it’s not for the weak minded or the faint of heart, working conditions include rain, cold, hot, dark, high wind and all combinations and extremes of these. Normal work hours apply only when all the lights are on; if someone is out of service your work day is not over. Work stations are at an elevated level, if you like staying on the ground floor this career is not for you. High voltage is most always present yet invisible, and fear is always a factor.

It’s a lineman thing; you wouldn’t understand...YET

To Register

Complete the application using Acrobat Reader and submit it by email to  (If you have a MAC, please enter your information, go to File, Print, at the bottom is PDF - click on it, Save as PDF - name and location where you can find it - SAVE.  Then email as an attachment.) You will receive a confirmation that your application was received, then you will be placed on the waiting list. For more information about the application process, possible financial assistance with tuition, or questions about the Lineman career, please call 606-451-6697 or 606-451-6699. You may also complete an application on the Lineman Tech Center Facebook page.

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