image of Penny KellyThe first 30 years of my life have included heartache and rough times. I spent that time thinking I was not cut out to be anything. I had all but given up on everything, including myself, when one day I woke up and decided I was not being what I needed to be to my son. I decided college might be the answer. I had a rough start at this whole college thing thinking I was not smart enough to do well but after my first semester I soon realized I was smarter than I had given myself credit for. It hasn't been easy. My son and I were tossed out into the streets about midway through my first semester but that was not enough to keep me down.

With the help of some great people I was able to find a place for my son and me to stay. After completing my second semester at Maysville Community & Technical College I was happy to see I had maintained a constant 4.0 and I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa. As I work on my third semester I realize I can do much more than anyone in my life ever gave me credit for. I came into the college with the thought that I was only going to try for certificates but, with the constant pushing and encouragement I have received from my professors, I am now going to get my Associates degree. My long term plans may include continuing my education after I finish my 2 year degree. By telling you my story I just want you to know there are more than a few great people at KCTCS who can help put you on the right path and help you realize the potential within you!