As an ENG 102 student you have mastered basic research skills and strategies.  It is now time to dig deeper, refining your research skills, and building upon research strategies to gain a greater understanding of:


01. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

02. Evaluating Web-based Resources

03. Understanding the NEW MLA Rules 

04. Refining Your Search


Please review all content for each topic and subsequent links. 

After you have thoroughly read all materials you will need to complete a short quiz relating to each topic.  For this assignment there are a total of 4 quizzes and a survey, each quiz is individually scored and a total score for the ENG 102 library assignment will be calculated by the librarian and returned to your instructor in a timely fashion.  Each quiz may be taken only once.  Alternate attemps will be deleted.

If you have trouble accessing any of the library databases, be sure to follow the Off-campus Instructions.