College Leadership Team

Working together to help our students reach their highest potential.

All of our College Leadership team members are experienced educators who care deeply about the personal and professional success of Maysville Community and Technical College students.

Please feel free to contact any of our members:

Dr. Stephen M. Vacik, President/CEO
Phone: (606) 759-7141, ext. 66147

Russ Ward, Rowan Campus Director
Phone: (606) 783-1538, ext. 66303

Rebecca Morton, Montgomery Extension Coordinator
Phone: (859) 499-6282, ext. 66376

Bruce Florence, Licking Valley Branch Campus Director
Phone: (859)234-8626, ext. 66402

Sandy Power, Licking Valley Campus Assistant Director
Phone: (859)234-8626, ext. 66404

Kay Seither, Don Kiser Paris Extension Coordinator
Phone: (859) 987-3005, ext. 66450

Dr. Juston Pate, Chief Academic Officer
Phone: (606) 759-7141, ext. 66114

Debbie Nolder, Division Chair, Health Sciences
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66253

Dr. Angela Fultz, Division Chair, Mathematics & Natural Sciences 
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66133

Darla Hunt, Division Chair, Information Technology 
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66201

Kathleen Mellenkamp, Division Chair, Liberal Arts and Education 
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66121

Stanley Click, Coordinator of Academic Programs/Division Chair, Industrial Technologies Division
Phone: (606) 783-1538, ext. 66334

Patee Massie, Dean of Student Development
Phone: (606) 759-7141, ext. 66186

George Jones, Chief Finance and Facilities Officer
Phone: (606) 759-7141, ext. 66103

Barbara Campbell, Chief Workforce Solutions Officer
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66116

Pam Stafford, Associate Dean of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness 
Phone: (606) 759-7141, ext. 66242

Dr. Dana Calland, Associate Dean of Academic Support Services
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66148

Kimberly Sparks, Associate Dean of Distance Learning and Dual-Credit Programs
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66130

John Klee, Professor, Liberal Arts & Education 
Phone: (606)759-7141, ext. 66106