SCC Theatre Premieres "A Superhero's Best Friend"

Somerset Community College Theatre’s upcoming film project, “A Superhero’s Best Friend,” came into being in what SCC director of theatre Steve Cleberg considers the best of circumstances. The film will receive a public presentation in SCC’s Stoner Little Theatre on Saturday, September 21 at 7:30 p.m. There is no admission charge for the event.

Before the premiere, SCC Theatre will present the encore showing of a short twelve minute film entitled “A Moment of Delusion.” The short feature, shot in the summer of 2010, will be screened as a tribute to one of its performers, Jr Sroufe.

“A Superhero’s Best Friend” tells the story of a young man by the name of Patrick, played by former SCC library assistant Aaron Whitehead, who has always wanted to be a superhero. In spite of the fact that he knows all there is to know about comic book mythology, he can’t seem to make the grade.   It isn’t until he makes a startling discovery and enlists the assistance of his best friend and roommate, played by former SCC Theatre major Jeremy Boggs, that a path to his dream seems possible.

In the fall of 2012, Cleberg recalls that, “One of the assignments for my Dramatic Writing Workshop class was to create a screenplay for a short film.” Cleberg was impressed by the quality of all of the screenplays that evolved from this assignment but one of the scripts got him thinking.

“We generally shoot a film project during the summer and I had a number of screenplays in development but I didn’t have one with just the right mix of characters.” That’s how SCC Theatre major Emily Singleton’s class project became a production project.
“It occurred to me that it was the perfect opportunity to put into practice my philosophy that the college classroom should be a place where things are not only taught but where things get done.” Cleberg informed Singleton that he planned to shoot her script and proceeded to go into preproduction.

Drawing from SCC’s open auditions, Cleberg put together a cast of SCC students, former students and faculty as well as members of the Somerset community. The project was shot over the summer and was edited in the late part of the summer.

Aside from Whitehead and Boggs, “A Superhero’s Best Friend” also features appearances by Mark Isham, David Cole, Chris Harris, Chip Hartley, Jane Correll, Brandi Fitzgerald, David Cross, Cheyenne Willis, Whitney House, Jeff Harris, Shane Morgan, Dana Floro, Caitlyn Wheeler, Felice Parish, Elyjiah Streeter, Anna Ashburn, Camden Harris, John Golden, Eli Hutchinson, Josh Carey and John Alexander.

Further information regarding SCC’s “A Superhero’s Best Friend” can be obtained by calling the Box Office at (606) 451-6766. You may also enquire by email at Additional information can be obtained on the Somerset Community College Theatre & Film Facebook page.

superhero photo 3

Above: Patrick, played by Aaron Whitehead, tries to explain the responsibilities of a superhero to Daniel, played by Jeremy Boggs,  in SCC Theatre’s “A Superhero’s Best Friend.”

superhero photo2

Above: In this scene from “A Superhero’s Best Friend” Patrick, played by Aaron Whitehead, envisions the perfect name for a superhero, even though the best names have already been taken.

superhero photo 1

Above: Daniel, played by Jeremy Boggs, becomes perturbed when his roommate, played by Aaron Whitehead, becomes overly enthusiastic about comic book mythology.