image of Tammy WardMy name is Tammy Ward, I had started at MCTC the fall semester of 2006. I had moved from Bradenton, Florida where I was majoring in Studio/Fine Arts. After my divorce I moved to Kentucky to be closer to my family, since I was now a single parent, being close to family became very important to me. After arriving I felt that the degree I was going for before might not be a good way to try to support a family by myself and after much research and discussions with the many teachers and staff had decided on the RN program at the Maysville campus. The semester started off with its challenges as I had spent the last 8 yrs of my life suffering from severe sleep apnea brought on blockage of my nasal passages from a previous car accident. It took 8 years to discover why I was gradually deteriorating mental and emotionally, I was barely functioning as a person. I had been diagnosed prior to the semester starting and had to have surgery to correct the problem so I could get more oxygen to my brain and get past the first stage of sleep and get back to being normal again. My teachers and staff were so supporting through everything, the recovery process which turned out to be two weeks instead of two days. I ended up being accepted into the RN program at the Maysville campus, where I proceeded into the second semester of the program. My son then came down with Mono and I was unable to complete the semester. I had then decided that maybe I should find a program that would be more fitting for a single parent who needs more flexibility since anything can happen when you are a single parent and the RN program did not offer the flexibility I needed. Again with the help of teachers and staff I found a program that gave me what I needed. I switched over to the Machine Tool Technology program and have found that I like it very much. I am actually good at it and I have even received a scholarship from the Gene Haas Foundation since being in the program and offered and accepted a co-op with a local company which may lead to future employment in my field of study before I even graduate. Financially, I have found it possible to come to school through the help of not only the Grants, but also with work- studies offered through the Ready-To-Work program offered here and the Federal Work Study that is also offered. I am a 46 year old woman who has struggled through most of my life and I have never felt so much support to succeed as I have received from the Rowan and Maysville Campuses staff and faculty. They have helped me go from maybe I can, to YES I Will Achieve what I have set out to do!