image of Steven GarawayTuition costs as well as facility locations were the two major factors in choosing to attend a KCTCS college. Obstacles: It feels as though I have been going to college forever now. I began my scholastic journey in 2003 when it became painfully apparent that I was in a “dead-end” job as the cemetery administrator for two cemeteries. Financially, I was in no position to just quit, so was very happy to learn that through the KCTCS system I could acquire most of the classes I needed at night. My next major hurdle was triple by-pass surgery just before finals in the Fall 2004 semester. Fortunately I learned that though KCTCS, as long as I took my finals within a year, the classes would not have to be repeated, and the grades would count. The first time I applied to the Respiratory Therapy Program for admittance I was denied because I still lacked the math classes necessary. Overcoming this obstacle, I reapplied to the program and was accepted into the program for the Spring 2009 semester. Acceptance came with a major price…lack of employment. I am managing with the help of family and student loans, but I am at a point now where there is an end in sight! Graduation in December 2010!