Printing Policy

1.  Current students each recieve a computer printing account credit usually 24-48 hrs after registration with a beginning balance of 300 free pages (equal to $15/$.05 per page).

2.  If students do not use all of the free print outs, that amount is carried over from the fall to spring semester.  All totals after the summer semester will be deleted at the beginning of the fall semester.  

3.  If students use all of the alloted printing funds, they may add funds to their accounts.     

4.  Adding to a print account may be made at the Business Office on the Maysville campus, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; at the Maysville campus library after the Business Office's regular hours; at the Rowan and Licking Valley campus libraries during regular library hours; and at the Paris Extension Business Office.

5.  Students may print in color at the Maysville campus library Tech Lab at a charge of 50 cents/per page.

6.  Students may not transfer any portion of their print account to another student's print account.

7.  Community users will pay $.05/page to print.

8. Computers #01-03 at the Maysville campus computer lab are not included in the print management; they are configured for community printing.  All users will be charged $.05/page, payable at the circulation desk.