Reflection Pool

Your personal observations and thoughts before, during and after the course of your service project are your reflections - your aha moments. Reflection is a critical element of service-learning. If you are engaged in a service-learning project be sure to talk to your course instructor about reflection options. You may also elect to use the Reflection Pool, which includes pre-reflection questions that are important in determining what kind of service what be a good fit for you.

Aha Moments

Service Learning Reflection Pool categories provide questions for your thoughtful consideration in the following areas:

By thoroughly considering your service, personal "before and after" insights provide "aha" moments, personal revelations about yourself and if you take the process seriously - real solutions. Reflections however not only include personal conclusions, thoughts and observations, but research data, facts, journal articles and scholarly citations, media sources - newspaper, television, radio and more.

*Click the hyperlink above to access the topic and remember the degree to which you reflect is up to you!