Getting Started

Download and read the Student Handbook. It can help you understand:

  • what service-learning is and is not
  • how serving can benefit you as a student and a community member


  • what you need to know before planning a service-learning activity

Research your community and discuss your ideas with your instructor for his or her approval. The Taking Action Worksheet and Project Proposal Form can help you get started. Be sure to consider the amount of time you have before the activity needs to be completed (6 weeks? an entire semester?). Do not let it become an emergency situation for yourself OR the organization you are serving.

  1. Once you have decided on your service-learning activity, meet with your instructor to complete any necessary forms he or she may require.
  2. Then, choose the appropriate action from the following:

-If you will be completing the service-learning activity alone, print off and complete the “Individual Service-Learning Activity Form” before you begin your service.  Be sure to complete this form and give to your instructor once your activity has been completed.

-If you will be completing a group service-learning with other students, meet with your instructor to discuss what forms he or she may require. 


Once your service-learning activity has been approved by your instructor, complete your "Pre-Reflection" and give to your instructor. This is an important part of your service-learning experience! Your instructor should have already assigned questions to you or instructed you to answer the questions posted on this website.

**Do not answer the Post-reflection questions until after you have completed your service-learning activity**