Your instructor gives you an option to participate in a service-learning project. Where do you start? What do you do?

Online Tools and Resources:

Start with the Service-Learning Student Handbook (Download and save for future reference) for:

  • a better understanding of service-learning
  • the benefits of service activity
  • important guidelines for you to observe while engaged in service to community

Prior to service, complete a Service-Learning Contract and Waiver and return the form to your instructor.

Reflection is key:

Service-Learning in a classroom setting differs from volunteering as it requires significant reflection before, during and after service activity.

Reflection is a REQUIRED COMPONENT in service-learning activities. You may consider the questions below during your service-learning experience. 

1. Answer pre-reflection question(s) before starting service.

There are no right or wrong answers, nor a required length for answers. However we strongly recommend thoughtful consideration before, during, and after your service is completed.

2. Complete service and answer post reflection question(s).

For more information contact:

Carla Redden
Service-Learning Coordinator
Maysville Community & Technical College                                                                                                       (606) 759-7141, ext. 66190