Getting started...

If you participate in a service-learning project, including any community and volunteer projects, you will need to complete the MCTC Service-Learning Individual Activity Form below, which may be provided by your instructor(s) or student organization advisor. It is important to note that as a student volunteer, you may be expected to adhere to on-site guidelines and procedures as part of your service. 

Reflection is key! 

The MCTC Service-Learning Individual Activity Form includes questions about your service-learning experience. Reflection is an important part of service-learning because it allows you to think more deeply about your experience. By thoroughly considering your service, personal "before and after" insights provide "aha" moments, personal revelations about yourself and if you take the process seriously - real solutions. Reflections include personal conclusions, thoughts and observations, but may also include research data, facts, journal articles and scholarly citations, media sources - newspaper, television, radio and more.

MCTC Service-Learning Individual Activity Form

NEW! To complete the form above electronically, click here.

All service-learning forms should be returned to Carla Redden, Librarian and MCTC Service-Learning Coordinator, at (606) 759-7141, ext. 66190.