Faculty Resources

Planning a service-learning activity for your course can be a daunting task, especially for the first time! In many cases, starting a small class project, giving students optional opportunities and/or awarding extra credit may be manageable ways to begin incorporating service-learning into a course. Below are several resources available to faculty who wish to include service-learning in their instruction. 


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    Planning Resources

    Regardless of the activity or service project, it must be linked well to curriculum and only you - the instructor - can truly determine what learning objectives should be paired with service.

    • MCTC Library Resources Service-Learning Guide - Search this guide to locate books within the MCTC campus libraries or to search for articles or online websites which may be helpful in learning more about service-learning and sharing information with students. 
    • Blackboard eCommunity MCTC_Service_Learning - Created to provide faculty resources including syllabi examples, tips for creating service-learning syllabi, service-learning rubrics, and more.
    • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health - Provides tools, resources and sample syllabi for Nursing and Health Sciences.
    • Learn and Serve Clearinghouse: Lesson Plans and Syllabi - Site provides samples from universities and colleges, as well as discipline specific categories from computer science to political science.
    • Campus Compact  - The national coalition of higher education institutions website provides several service-learning examples for planning resources


    Agency partners, community members, colleagues, former and current students can attest that any type of community service or civic engagement with positive outcomes provides for rewarding memorable experiences. Such celebrations are optional. With adequate planning, these positive experiences can be extra special by planning a celebration activity!


    For more information contact:

    Carla Redden, Service-Learning Coordinator, Maysville Community & Technical College

    (606) 759-7141 ext. 66190