Faculty Resources

Resources on this page are intended for educators to:

  • Start talking about service-learning and civic participation.
  • Evaluate and assess service projects.
  • Provide tips for celebration of student service completion.
  • Offer reflection options and suggestions.
  • Explain the PARC Model and provide useful resources and tools!


PARC Model

  • Preparation:

For quality service-learning, student voice should be established in the beginning of the planning process. Whether a discussion is facilitated by you - the instructor - or through the use of:

  • television/film/web
  • articles/journals
  • newspapers/magazines
  • town meetings/public forums
  • community organizations

- Student ownership of the activity provides a personal experience.

Planning Resources

Regardless of the activity or service project, it must be linked well to curriculum and only you - the instructor - can truly determine what learning objectives should be paired with service.

Action...Ready, Set, Go!

Student Service Forms


Agency partners, community members, colleagues, former and current students can attest that any type of community service or civic engagement with positive outcomes provides for rewarding memorable experiences. With adequate planning, these positive experiences can be extra special by planning a celebration activity!

For more information contact:

Carla Redden                                                                                                                                                Service-Learning Coordinator
Maysville Community & Technical College
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66190