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Costs and Financial Aid

Dual Enrollment and Consortium Agreements

You may take classes at different colleges at the same time and wish the different enrollments to count toward your total enrollment.

Home College (Awarding Student Aid) and Delivering College are both KCTCS Colleges
If your classes are taken at different KCTCS colleges you do not need to do anything except provide documentation that the classes taken at colleges other than your home college are required for completion of your credential. Your dual enrollment will be identified by report but you must check with your student aid office regarding the required documentation that the classes taken at the other colleges count toward your degree. Your student aid paperwork is submitted to, handled by, accounted for and distributed by the Home College. The Home College is the college from which you plan to obtain a degree.

Home College (Awarding Student Aid) is a KCTCS College but Delivering College is outside KCTCS
To consider enrollment at Non-KCTCS colleges, you must pick up a Consortium Agreement form from a KCTCS college and complete the student part and provide it to the Registrar of each of the Non-KCTCS Delivering College(s). The Non-KCTCS Delivering College Registrar certifies your enrollment and forwards the completed form to the student aid office of your Home College.

In both cases the Home College Registrar verifies the classes taken from the Delivering College count toward your particular educational credential (certificate, diploma, degree) to be received from the Home College. If the classes taken from the Delivering College do not count toward the Home College credential those classes will not be included in the calculation of enrollment for eligibility purposes. In addition you are responsible for paying for all classes taken at Non- KCTCS colleges whether the classes are accepted for the degree or not.

Home College (Awarding Student Aid) is NOT a KCTCS College, but Delivering College is a KCTCS College
You need to obtain a Dual Enrollment Form from the Student Aid Office of the NON-KCTCS Home College. The Student Aid Office or the Registrar of the Delivering KCTCS College will certify the classes you are taking. Then the Awarding College (Home) can determine the enrollment status. It is your responsibility to pay the tuition to the KCTCS college by the deadline in order to avoid being dropped for nonpayment. You must contact your college to request your college's written procedures on Dual-Enrollment/Consortium Agreements.